Effortlessly manage, leverage, and develop junior talent

What is Forward?

Forward's a consulting firm that helps organizations develop and leverage their junior developers. Each junior developer you match us with gets 2 hours / day of 1:1, onsite support from a senior engineer we provide.

Senior engineer?

Our engineers all have 10+ years (professional) experience. Most have experience at places like Google, Twitter, and Netflix. All of them have experience at working at venture backed startups. All of them have multiple years experience managing engineers.

How will you help our junior developer?

We train up your junior developers by helping them execute on the work they've been assigned. We pair program with them and review their code. Most importantly though, we work them to develop create outlines for all the work they've been assigned.


An outline is a detailed, low level plan for how a unit of technical work is going to get implemented. E.g. a section of an outline for building an api endpoint would include information like what arguments its going to consume, the structure of data it will return, the route it corresponds to, how we'll test it, what file it gets written in, etc.

Why do you use these?

Outlines are how we develop the higher order thinking skills of the junior developers we work with. They're also how we ensure the code they write is structurally comparable to what our engineers would've written.

Why should we work with you guys?

Your junior developers will be more independent and better able to deal with ambiguity both while we're there and after we leave. Your senior developers and managers will have more time to focus on their work and be more productive as a result.

What are the other reasons we should we work with you guys?

While we’re present, you can assign the junior engineer work that would normally require a very senior engineer because we are working so closely with them. We encourage this. Also, our engineers have a lot of experience, are friendly, and can help with things like big technical problems, your engineering workflows, and hiring decisions if and as needed.